Asha's mother an article in the newspaper about a disaster that took place at Chernobyl. She could not understand much from the article and asked a few questions from Asha regarding the article. Asha tried to answer her mother's question based on what she learnt in Class XII Physics.

(a) What was the installation at Chernobyl where the disaster took place? what according to you, was the cause of this disaster?

(b) Explain the process of realease of energy in the installation at Chernobyl.

(c) What according to you, were the values displayed by Asha and her mother?

(a) (i) Nuclear Power Plant:/ set up for releasing Nuclear Energy/ Energy Plant

    (Also accept any other such term)

    (ii) Leakage in the cooling unit/ some defect in the set up.

(b) Nuclear Fission/ Nuclear Energy

    Break up (/ Fission) of Uranium nucleus into fragments

(c) Asha: Helpful, Considerate, Keen to learn, Modest 

    Mother: Curious, Sensitive, Eager to learn, has no airs 

  (Any one such value in each case)

Difficulty Level: