A long charged cylinder of linear charge density +λ1 is surrounded by a hollow coaxial conducting cylinder of linear charge density -λ2. Use Gauss's law to obtain expressions for the electric field at a point (i) in the space between the cylinders, and (ii) outside the larger cylinder.                (3) marks

As gauss law states

E.ds = qε0                                                  (1/2) mark

                      (1/2) mark        

   i               E1.ds=λ1lε0                         1/2markE1×2πr1=λ1ε0r^1E1=λ12πε0r1r^1                                         1/2mark                                

 ii E2.ds=λ1-λ2lε0                                       1/2markE2×2πr2=λ1-λ2ε0r2^E2=λ1-λ22πε0r2r2^                                                1/2mark                                        

Difficulty Level:

  • 78%
  • 19%