NEET Physics Nuclei Questions Solved

NEET - 2009

In the nuclear decay given below

XZA      YZ+1A      B*Z-1A-4      BZ-1A-4,

the particles emitted in the sequence are 

(a) β, α, γ                              (b) γ, β, α

(c) β, γ, α                               (d) α, β, γ

Key Idea In a nuclear reaction conservation of charge number and mass number must hold good.

               Alpha particles are positively charged particles with charge +2e and mass 4m. Emission of an α-particle reduces the mass of the radionuclide by 4 and its atomic number by 2. β-particles are negatively charged particles with rest mass as well as charge same as that of electrons. γ-particles carry no charge and mass.

Radioactive transition will be as follows

           X     ZA      γZ+1A+β-10γZ+1A      βZ-1A-4+α24βZ+1A-4      βZ-1A-4+γ00 

Difficulty Level:

  • 72%
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