NEET Questions Solved

NEET - 2017

In an electromagnetic wave in free space the root mean square value of the electric field is Erms=6 V/m. The peak value of the magnetic field is 

(a) 1.41×10-8T

(b) 2.83×10-8T

(c) 0.70×10-8T

(d) 4.23×10-8 T 

(b) Given root mean square value of electric field,

                Erms= 6 V/m

We know that, peak value of electric field, 


  Eo=2×6 V/m

Also, we know that, c=EoBo

where, c= speed of light in vacuum 

Bo= peak value of magnetic field 

   Bo=2×63×108   Bo=8.483×10-8   Bo=2.83×10-8 T

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