NEET Physics Magnetism and Matter Questions Solved

If ϕ1 and ϕ2 be the angles of dip observed in two vertical planes at right angles to each other and ϕ be the true angle of dip, then

Concept Videos :-

#10 | Earth's Magnetism
#11 | Apparent & True Dip
#12 | Neutral points
#13 | Comparison of Magnetic Field of Earth at Two Points
#14 | Variation of Earth's Magnetic Field

Concept Questions :-

Earth's magnetism

Let α be the angle which one of the planes make with the magnetic meridian the other plane makes an angle (90°-α) with it. The components of H in these planes will be H cos α and H sin α respectively. If ϕ1 and ϕ2 are the apparent dips in these two planes, then

This is the required result.

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