Match the following and mark the correct option:
    Column-I                                      Column-II
A. Hinge joint                            I. Between humerus and pectoral girdle
B. Pivot joint                             II. Between carpals and Metacarpals of thumb
C. Gliding joint                          III. Between the carpals
D. Saddle joint                          IV. Between atlas and axis
E. Ball and Socket joint              V. Knee joint
(a) A - V, B - IV, C - III, D - II, E - I             (b) A - I, B - II, C - II, D - V, E - IV
(c) A - I, B - III, C - II, D - V, E - IV             (d) A - V, B - III, C - II, D - I, E - II

Hinge joint: Knee joint

Pivot joint: between atlas and axis

Gliding joint: between the carpals

Saddle joint: between carpals and metacarpals of thumb

Ball and socket joint: between humerus and pectoral girdle


Difficulty Level:

  • 85%
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