The reaction of hydrogen and iodine monochloride is given as :

H2(g)+ 2ICl(g)  2HCl(g)+ I2(g)

This reaction is of first order with respect to H2(g) and 2ICl(g) following mechanisms were proposed:

Mechanism A:

H2(g)+ 2ICl(g)  2HCl(g)+ I2(g)

Mechanism B :

H2(g)+ ICl(g) HCl(g)+ HI(g) ; slow

HI(g)+ ICl(g)  HClCg) + I2(g); fast

Which of the above mechanism (s) can be consistent with the given information about the reaction ?

(a) B only

(b) A and B both

(c) Neither A nor B

(d) A only

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Rate of reaction is always depends on slow reaction.

H2(g)+ 2ICl(g)  2HCl(g)+ I2(g) is first order reaction respect to H2 and I2 can be measured with the help of both mechanism A and B.

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