NEET Chemistry Chemical Kinetics Questions Solved

NEET - 2010

For an endothermic reaction, energy of activation is Ea and enthalpy of reaction is H (both of these in kJ/mol). Minimum value of Ea will be

(a) less than H

(b) equal to H

(c) more than H

(d) equal to zero

Key Idea: In endothermic reactions, energy of reactants is less than that of the products. Potential energy diagram for endothermic reactions is,

where, Ea = activation energy of forward reaction

E'a = activation energy of backward reaction

H = enthalpy of the reaction From the above diagram,

Ea = E'a + H

Thus, Ea > H

Difficulty Level:

  • 22%
  • 19%
  • 52%
  • 9%