NEET Chemistry Hydrogen Questions Solved

NEET - 2014

(I) H2O2+O3           H2O + 2O2

(II) H2O2 + Ag2O           2Ag + H2O + O2

Role of hydrogen peroxide in the above reactions is respectively

(a) oxidising in (I) and reducing in (II)

(b) reducing in (I) and oxidising in (II)

(c) reducing in(I) and  (II)

(d) oxidising in(I) and (II)

(a) In the reaction,

Since H2O2 oxidises, O3 into O2, thus it behaves as an oxidising agent.

Further, in the reaction, 

Here H2O2 reduces Ag2O into metallic silver [Ag] (as oxidation number is reducing from +1 to 0). Thus, H2O2 behaves as a reducing agent.

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