NEET Chemistry The p-Block Elements (XII) Questions Solved

NEET - 2015

Which of the statements given below is incorrect?

(a) Cl2O7 is an anhydride of perchloric acid

(b) O3 molecule is bent

(c) ONF is isoelectronic with NO2

(d) OF2 is an oxide of fluorine

(a) Cl2O7 is an anhydride of perchloric acid 

(b) Shape of O3 molecule is bent

(c) Number of electrons in ONF=24
     Number of electrons in NO2=24
     ∴ONF and NO2 both are isoelectronic

(d) OF2 is a fluoride of oxygen because electronegativity of fluorine is more than that of oxygen.
OF2 = Oxygen difluoride

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