NEET Chemistry Surface Chemistry Questions Solved

NEET - 2016

The coagulation values in millimoles per litre of the electrolytes used for the coagulation of As2S3 are given below

I. (NaCl) =52               II. (BaCl2) =0.69

III. (MgSO4) = 0.22

The correct order of their coagulating power is

(a) I>II>III                 (b) II>I>III

(c) III>II>I                 (d) III>I>II

(c) Lower the coagulating power, higher is the coagulation value in millimoles per litre, i.e coagulating power is inversely proportional to coagulation values. Thus, correct order of coagulating power is

                 MgSO4 > BaCl2 > NaCl

 or               III>II>I

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