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What is true for "Lactational amenorrhoea"?

I. It means absence of menstruation

II. Ovulation does not occur during the lactational period

III. Chances of failure of contraception are almost nil upto six months following parturition

IV. Side effects are almost nil

V. Contraceptive efficiency reduces after the period of intense lactation

VI. It is a natural method of contraception

VII. It increases phagocytosis of sperms

(1) II, III, IV, V, VI

(2) All except VII

(3) II, III, IV, V

(4) All of the above

(2) Lactational amenorrhea (absence of menstruation) method is based on the fact that ovulation and therefore the cycle do not occur during the period of intense lactation following parturition. Therefore, as long as the mother breast-feeds the child fully, chances of conception are almost nil. However, this method has been reported to be effective only upto a maximum period of six months following parturition. As no medicines or devices are used in these methods, side effects are almost nil. Chances of failure, though, of this method are also high.(page- 60)

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