Match the tissues/molecules mentioned in column I with those of their degrading enzymes mentioned in column II and select the correct option from the given codes.

            Column I                             Column II

A.  Cell wall                               (i)  Proteases

B. RNA                                      (ii) Pectinases

C. Histone                                 (iii) Ribonucleases

D. Pectin                                   (iv) Cellulase

(a) A-(iv), B-(iii), C-(i), D-(ii)

(b) A-(ii), B-(i), C-(iv),D-(iii)

(c) A-(i),B-(ii),C-(iii),D-(iv)

(d) A-(iii),B-(iv),C-(ii), D-(i)


Difficulty Level:

  • 88%
  • 7%
  • 5%
  • 3%