Which of the following is true regarding the given electron transport chain?
CoQ Cyt c Cyt aa3O2(a) CoQ Cyt c is H+ absorbing site.(b) aa3  O2, H+ yielding site.(c) CoQ  Cyt c is H+ yielding site and aa3O2 is H+ absorbing site.(d) No H+ is absorbed or released

In electron transport chain electron transport through a series of carriers. H+ of NADH+ (received from krebs cycle) is accepted by FAD as a result of which FAD is reduced to FADH+ and NADH+ is oxidised to NAD. Reduced FADH+ is oxidised by CoQ, with hte formation of CoQH+. H+ ions then move to Cyt b, then Cyt c, Cyt a and Cyt aa3. Ultimately these H+ are accepted by O2 and H2O is formed.

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