NEET Zoology Digestion and Absorption Questions Solved

AIIMS - 2004

Cattle fed with spoilt hay of sweet clover which contains dicumarol

(a) are healthier due to a good diet

(b) catch infections easily

(c) may suffer vitamin K deficiency and prolonged bleeding

(d) may suffer from beri beri due to deficiency of B vitamins

Audio Explanation:

(c) A better understanding of the mode of action of vitamin K is made possible by the use of an anti-coagulant. One such naturally occurring antagonist of vitamin K is known as Dicumarol. The discovery of the anti-coagulating property of Dicumarol took place when it was established that consumption of improperly cured sweet clover hay caused cattle to develop the so-called "sweet clover disease" which is attributable to a serious alternation in the coagulability of the blood that, in turn, often result in fatal haemorrhage.

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