NEET Questions Solved

NEET - 2008

Which one of the following is being tried in India as a biofuel substitute for fossil fuels?
(a) Jatropha
(b) Azadirachta
(c) Musa
(d) Aegilops

Biofules are substances of biological origin which are used for production of heat and other form of energy. Often biologically generated hydrogen, methane, ethanol, butanol and diesal are referrred to as biohydrogen, biomethane, bioethanol, biobutanol and biodiesal respectively.
Petroplant are the plants which can yield large amoung of latex having long chained liquid hydrocarbons, eg, Jatropha, Euphorbia (family-Euphorbiaceae) and other member of Euphorbiaceae, Asclepiadaceae, Apocyanaceae.
Wood used as a source of energy is called fuel wood. The good fuel wood should be free from resin, much smke and offensive odours. Hard wood are generally good fuel wood, eg, Azadirachta, Dalbergia, Terminalia, Casuarina.

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