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NEET - 2017

The pivot joint between atlas and axis is a type of

(a) fibrous joint                  (b) cartilaginous joint

(c) synovial joint                (d) saddle joint

(c) The joint between atlas and axis is a type of synovial joint. A considerable movement is allowed at all synovial joints. They are surrounded by tubular  articular capsule. The capsule consists of two layers, i.e. outer fibrous capsule and inner synovial membrane, which secretes synovial fluid lubricates and providing nourishment to articular cartilage.

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Fibrous joint They do not allow movement because the bones are held firmly by bundles of white fibrous tissue. e.g. joint between the bones of skull.

Cartilaginous joints They allow slight movement; because of the elastic pads of fibrocartilage present between the ends of the bones taking part in the joints, e.g. public symphysis of pubis.

Saddle joints This is the type of synovial joints. This type of joint is like ball and socket joint, but not developed fully, e.g. joint between carpal of hand.

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