NEET Chemistry Redox Reactions Questions Solved

H2O2 acts as both oxidising as well as reducing agent its product is H2O, when act as oxidising agent and its product is O2 when act as of reducing agent. The strength of '10P means one liter of H2O2 solution on decomposition at S.T.P. condition liberate 10 liters of oxygen gas H2OH2O+12O215 gm MnO4)2 sample containing inert impurity is completely reacting with 100 ml of '11.2 V' H2O2, then what will be the % purity of Ba (MnO4)2 in the sample ? (Atomic mass Ba = 137, Mn = 55)

(1) 5%

(2) 10%

(3) 50%

(4) none

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