NEET Chemistry Hydrogen Questions Solved

Poorest reducing agent among following is

(1) atomic hydrogen

(2) nascent hydrogen

(3) dihydrogen

(4) all have same reducing strength

(3) Fact


nascent hydrogen - newly born hydrogen is  not stable form of hydrogen, it is very reactive and immediately reduce the metal or convert into molecular hydrogen.

hydrogen molecule  is most stable form of hydrogen in free state. This is because the energy of hydrogen molecule is very high, 104 Kcal/mole.


A hydrogen atom is electrically neutral but the presence of  unpaired electron makes it highly reactive. The hydrogen atom can either lose the electron and convert into a proton or accpet a second electron and acquire stable duplet configuration like that of Helium. Either way, the atomic hydrogen never stays stable with its unpaired electron which can act like a free radical.

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