NEET Botany Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production Questions Solved

Identify the incorrect statement regarding Multiple Ovulation Embryo Transfer Technology (MOET):

(1) FSH like hormone or PMSG [pregnant mare serum gonadotropin] are used to induce super-ovulation [6-8 eggs rather thanone per cycle] and Prostagladins are used to regulate the duration of cycle.

(2) Fresh embryos can be stored at 37°C for 6-8 hours without much harm but it is recommended that the embryos are inserted into the recipient cow or frozen as soon as possible. The embryos can be stored for ever in liquid nitrogen.

(3) The animal is either mated with an elite bull or artificially iseminated and the fertilized eggs at 8-32 cells stages, are recovered non-surgically and transfered to genetic mothers.

(4) The embryos are transferred to a recipient cow whose oestrous cycle is at the correct receptive stage.

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