NEET Zoology Digestion and Absorption Questions Solved

Which one of the following statement is true regarding digestion and absorption of food in humans?

(a) Oxyntic cells in our stomach secrete the  proenzyme pepsinogen

(b) Fructose and amino acids are absorbed through intestinal mucosa with the help of carrier ions like Na+

(c) Chylomicrons are small lipoprotein particles that are transported from intestine into blood capillaries

(d) About 60% of starch is hydrolysed by salivary amylase in our mouth

Audio Explanation:

(c) Chylomicrons are lipoprotein particles synthesised by intestinal epithelial cells and consisting mainly of triglycerides. Chylomicrons are the form, in which dietary fat is transported in the circulatory system.

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