Write two basic requirements for refining of a metal by Mond’s process and by van Arkel Method.


NEETprep Answer:
Two basic requirements are

(i) Metal shoutd form volatile compound with available reagent.
(ii) The volatile compound should be easily decomposable so that it can be recovered easily.
(a) Mond’s process includes conversion of Ni to NiCO4 and then decomposition of NiCO4  to  Ni.
Ni+4CO NiCO4NiCO4450-470K  Ni+ 4CO
(b) van Arkel method includes conversion of Zr to volatile ZrI4 and then decomposition of ZrI4 to Zr and I2.
Zr+ 2I2870 K ZrI42075 K Zr+ 2I2