Consider the following figure


At the temperature corresponding to which of the points FeO will be reduced to Fe by coupling the reaction 2FeO →2Fe + O2 with all of the following reactions?

(i) C + O2 →CO2
(ii) 2C + O2 → 2CO
(ii) 2CO + O2 → 2CO2

a.  Point A             

b.  Point B

c.  Point D           

d.  Point E

Choose the correct option
1. (a, b)
2. (b, c)
3. (c, d)
4. (b, d)

Below point B and E, FeO will be reduced to Fe by all the three reactions shown above in the question. GC, CO2°, GC, CO°, GCO, CO2° lie below fGFe,FeO° curve at point B and E. Therefore, FeO will be reduced by all three reactions.
Hence, options (b) and (d) are the correct choices.