Q.55 Describe the main ideas behind the biological control of pests and diseases.

It's a natural and eco-triendly concept. If employs the use of organisms to control the population of pathogens and pests in an ecosystem. Classical examples are Trichoderma which is antagonist, ie., against many soil borne plant pathogens.

Similarly, Penicillium inhibits the growth of Staphylococcus and therefore has been successiully used in the production of penicillin antibiotic to control many human bacterial pathogens, Bacillus thuringiensis acts as biopesticide to control insect.

Baculovirus used as biological control agents in genus Nucleo-polyhedrovirus are excellent for species specific narrow. spcclium inucelicidal application. The overall biological contro! of pest is considered much more beneficial in an ecological sensitive