Q. 23 How has the discovery of antibiotics helped mankind in the field of medicine?

Antibioics produced by miciobes are tegaided as one ofthe most significant discoveries

Of the twentieth century and have greatly contibuted towards the welfare ofthe human


‘Anti's a Gk, word thal means ‘against and bio means lite. together they mean ‘againt life'

(inthe context of disease causing organisms) whereas with reference to human beings,

they are pro ite" and net agains, Antbiotis are chemical substances, which ate produced

by some microbes and can kil of relard the growth of ether (disease-causing) riczobes.

Antiotcs have ratty Improved our capacty to treat deadly cleeases such as plague

whooping caugh (Kali Kans, dighthaia (Gal ghotu) ancl leprosy (Kusht rag), which hac

‘ilo milions al over the globe, Today, we can not imagine a wold wihaut antibiotics.