Q. 68 Drugs like LSD, barbiturates, amphetamines, etc., are used as medicines to help patients with mental illness. However, excessive doses and abusive usage are harmful. Enumerate the major adverse effects of such drugs in humans.

Harmful effects of drugs like LSD, barbiturates, are

(i) Anxiety, shakiness, nausea and sweating, loss of mind control.
(ii) Reckless behaviour, vandalism and violence.

(iii) Lack of interest in personal hygiene, fluctuations in weight and appetite.

(iv) Withdrawal, isolation, depression, fatigue, aggressive behaviour.

(v) Social adjustment problems

(vi) Withdrawal symptoms can be severe and life threatening

(vii) Excessive doses of drugs may lead to coma and death may occur due to respiratory failure, heart failure or cerebral haemorrhage.