Q. 67 What are the methods of cancer detection? Describe the common approaches for treatment of cancer.

Early detection of cancer is essential. The methods of cancer delection and diagnosis are as follows.

(i) Biopsy and histo-pathoiogicai studies of the tissue/ blood/ bone marrow.
(ii) Tests for increased cell counts (in the case of leukaemia blood cancer).

(iii) Techniques like radiography (use of X-rays), CT (computed tomography) and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) to detect cancers of the internal organs,

(iv) Detection of cancer specitic antigens.

(v) Molecular biology techniques to detect genes in individuals with inherited susceptibility to certain cancers.

The common approaches for treatment of cancer

(i) Surgical removal of tumour.

(ii) Irradiation of tissue to kill cancerous cells.

(iii) Immunotherapy using interferon to boost cancer cell killing.