Q.66 In your locality, if a person is addicted to alcohol, what kind of
behavioural changes do you observe in that person? Suggest measures to over come the problem.

If a person is addicted to alcohol, it will give rise to some behavioural changes in that person. Alcoholic drinks are costly and most drinkers, because of their selfish habits, deprive their children and other members of the family of the basic needs.

The drinking of alcohol is invariably wssuvialed wilh social crimes and dissolution of moral and cultural inhibitions. Violence and other corrupt practices in the community are often directly or indirectly due to the consumption of alcohol

Measures that should be taken to overcome the above mentioned problem are

(i) Avoid Undue Peer Pressure Every person has his/her own choice and personality, which should be kept in mind. So he/she should not be pressed unduly to do beyond his/her capacities, in work condition and other in social get together or activities.

(ii) Education and Counselling Helps to overcome the problems, like stresses, disappointments and failure in life. One should utilise a himself/herself energy in some beneficial activities like sports, music, reading, yoga and other extra curricular activities.

(iii) Seeking Help from Parents and Peers In case of minors. whenever, there is any problem, one should seek help and guidance from parents and peers. Help should be taken from close and trusted friends. This would help young to share their feelings of
anxiety and wrong doings.

(iv) Looking for Danger Sings If friends find someone using drugs or alcohol. they should bring this to the notice of parents or teacher so that appropriate measures can be taken to diagnose the illness and the causes. This would help in taking proper remedial stepsor treatment.

(v) Seeking Professional and Medical Helps Highly qualified psychologists, psychiairists and de-addiction and rehabilitation programmes can help individuals who are suffering from drug/alcoho! abuse.

If such help is provided to the affected persons, with sufficient efforts and will power, the patient could be completely cured and lead normal and healthy life.