Q. 65 Why do some adolescents start taking drugs. How can this be avoided?

The reasons why adolescents and youngsters starts consumption of drugs are

(i) Curiosity of child motivates him/her to do experiment.
(ii) For adventure and excitement.
(iii) Peer group pressure.
(iv) Desire to do more physical and mental work.

(v) To overcome frustration and depression, due to failure in examinations or in other activities.

(vi) Unstable or unsupportive family structures.

The following measures can be taken to avoid drug abuses

(i) Avoid undue pressure on child to perform beyond his/her capability in studies, sports or any other activities.

(ii) Education and counselling are very important to face problem of stress and failure in life.

(iii) Seeking help from parents, elders and peers. This would help the young to share their feelings and concern

(iv) Looking for danger signs and taking appropriate measures to treat them.
(v) Seeking professional and medical help for de-addiction and rehabilation.