Q. 46 Maintenance of personal and public hygiene is necessary for prevention and control of many infectious diseases. Justify the statement giving suitable examples.

Diseases which are easily transmitted from one person to another, are called infectious diseases.

For prevention and control of such diseases, maintenance of personal and public hygiene is necessary, for this purpose, some common preventive measurer should be taken as follows.

(i) Education People should be educated about communicable disease to protect themselves from such diseases.

(ii) Isolation The infected person should be kept isolated to minimise the spread of infection.

(iii) Vaccination People should get vaccination on time to avoid infection.

(iv) Sanitation The sanitation should be improved to avoid infection from polluted water, contaminated food, etc.

(v) Eradication of Vectors The breeding places of vectors must be destroyed and adult vectors should be killed by suitable methods.

(vi) Sterilisation The patient's surroundings and articles of use should be completely sterilised to reduce the chances of infection.