‘Smack’ is a drug obtained from the

1. latex of Papaver somniferum       
2. leaves of Cannabis sativa
3. flowers of Dhatura
4. fruits of Erythroxyl coca

(a) Heroin, commonly called smack, is chemically diacetyl morphine which is a white,

odourless, bitter, crystalline compound. This is obtained by acetylation of morphine,
extracted from the latex of poppy plant (Papaver somniferum), but Leaves of cannabis
sativa commonly called bhang produces cannabinoids.

Flower of Dhatura Active chemical of Dhatura flower is tropane alkaloids mainly
scopolamine, hyoseyamine and atropine.

Fruits of Erythroxy coca Cocaine is extracted from the dried leaves and young twigs of
Erythroxyl coca.