Q.55 How can you, as an individual, prevent the loss of biodiversity?

Ans. Biodiversity is the occurrence of different type of species, habitat, ecosystem, gene, the gene pool in a particular place and various parts of the earth

As an individual, biodiversity can be conserved with conservation strategies and
management of both biotic and abiotic resources.

Some of the conservation strategies are as follows

(i) Protection of useful animals and plants in their natural habitat or in situ conservation.
(ii) Preservation of critical habitats like feeding and breeding areas and resting area of endangered species to promote their growth and multiplication.
(iii) Hunting should be banned or regulated.
(iv) Habitat of migratory animals should be protected by bilateral or multilateral agreements.
(v) People should be made aware of the importance of biodiversity and its conservation.
(vi) Overexploitation of natural resources must be avoided.
(vii) Dlodlversltly plays an Important role in maintaining and sustaining apply of goods and services.
(vii) Conservation of biodiversity ensures well being of all living creatures and their future generations.