Q.5 Which one of the following is not a feature of biodiversity hotspots?

(1) a Large number of species
(2) Abundance of endemic species
(3) Mostly located in the tropics
(4) Mostly located in the polar regions
Ans. (d) Biodiversity hotspots are characterized by a large number of flora and fauna, the abundance of endemic species, and also the large number of alien or exotic species. They are mostly found in tropical and temperate regions. There are no biodiversity hotspots in polar regions.

Q.6 Match the following columns


Choose the correct match form the following

i-a, i-c, ii-b, iv-d

(b) i-d, i-c, ii-a, iv-b

(c) i-c, i-a, i-b, iv-d

(d) i-c, ii-a, -d, iv-b

Ans. (d) Dodo -Mauritius
Thylacine- Australia
Stellar's sea cow - Russia

The rest of the given set of extinct animals matched with the provided countries are not true