Q.5.  In sickle-cell anaemia glutamic acid is replaced by valine. Which one of the following triplet codes for valine?

a.  G G G

b.  A A G

c.  G A A

d.  G U G

(d)  Sickel-cell anaemia is an autosome linked recessive trait. This diseae is controlled by a single pair of allele Hbs only the homozygous individuals for HbsHbs shows the diseased phenotype. THe heterozygous individuals are carriers Hb Hbs. Due to the point mutation, glutamic acid (Glu) is replaced by valine (Val) at sixth position of β-chain of the haemoglobin molecule. This substitution occurs due to the single base substitution of the beta globin gene from GAG (Val).

Whereas, the other codes GGG, AAG, GAA do not code for valine.