Q.4 Draw the diagram of a microsporangium and label its wall layers. Write briefly about the wall layers?

After the 8-nucleate stage, cell walls are laid down leading to the organisation of the typical female gametophyte or embryo sac.
 Six of the eight nuclei are surrounded by cell walls and organised into cells. Three cells present towards the micropylar end grouped together, constitute the egg apparatus. The egg apparatus, in turn consists of two synergids and one egg cell.
Three cells of the chalazal end are called the antipodals. The large central cell is formed by the fusion of 2-polar nuclei. Thus, a typical angiospermic embryo sac, at maturity consists of eight nuclei and seven cells. This embryo sac is formed from, the single megaspore, so it is called 'monosporic embryo sac.
Role of Synergids
The synergids have special cellular thickenings at the micropylar tip called filiform apparatus, which play an important role in guiding the pollen tubes into the synergid.