Q. 7 Are parthenocarpy and apomixis different phenomena? Discuss their benefits.

Yes, parthenocarpy and apomixis are different phenomenon.
importance of Parthenocarpy
(i) The fruit production without fertilisation of the ovary is called parthenocarpy. This phenomenon is applied for the commercial production of seedless fruits e.g.., banana, grapes.
(ii) This is more useful far the juice industries.
Importance of Apomixis
(i) During apomixis, chromosomal segregation and recombination does not occur SO, characters are stable for several generations.
(ii) It simplifies commercial hybridised production because isolation is not necessary to produce F, or maintain parental generation.
(iii) Adentive embryonic is being used in the production of uniform root-stock and virus-free varieties.