In a flower, if the megaspore mother cell forms megaspores without undergoing meiosis and if one of the megaspores develops into an embryo sac, its nuclei would be

1. haploid                                       

2. diploid

3. a few haploid and a few diploid

4. with varying ploidy

(b) In some species, the diploid egg cell is formed without reduction division and develops into an embryo without fertilisation.
It is an asexual reproduction which occurs in the absence of pollinators or in extreme environments. In some species like citrus plants, nucellar cells surrounding the embryo sac start dividing and develops into embryos.
It occurs in the megaspore mother cell without undergoing meiosis and produces diploid embryo sac. through mitotic divisions. It helps in the preservation of desirable
characters for indefinite period.
Thus, it can be concluded that apomictic species produce diploid cells. Haploid cells will be formed during sexual reproduction when cell will undergo meiosis and option ‘c’ and ‘d’ is nod shown by megaspore mother cell.