33. In a slide showing different types of cells can you identify which type of the cell may be meristematic and the one which is incapable of dividing and how?


The meristematic cells can be identified of the basis of the following characteristics
(i) Cell have thin cellulose wall and dense cytoplasm with large nucleus.
(ii) Plasmodesmal connections are more numerous among meristematic cells.
(iii) Cell division, i.e., mitosis and its various stages are distinctly visible.
(iv) Chromosomesofcells replicate and divide into two homologous chromatids.
All these features contribute to open ended growth where structure is never complete in meristematic regions.
Whereas cells incapable of divinding show features such as
(i) attains particular shape, size and thickening.
(ii) Undergoes structural and physiological differentiation
(iii) Different types of cell are formed such as epidermis, cortex, vascular tissues.