18. Classify the following plants into Long Day Plants (LDP), Short Day Plants (SDP) and Day Neutral Plants (DNP) Xanthium, henbane (Hyoscyamus niger), spinach, rice, strawberry, Bryophyllum, sunflower, tomato, maize.


Long Day Plant (LDP) Some plants require the exposure light for a longer period exceeding a well definedcritical duration of light. Among the above given plant LDP are for flowering henbane, Bryophyllum and spinach.

Short Day Plants (SDP) Someplants flower when and these can blossom throughout the year. expose to light for a period less than well defined critical duration of light. e.g., of SDP are. e.g., Xanthium, rice, strawberry.

Day Neutral Plants (DNP) The exposure to light does not affect the flowering in certain plants, e.g., DNP, are sunflower, tomato, maize.