Comment on the statement- Telophase is reverse of prophase.


The following contrasting differences reveals that telophase is reverse of prophase, in cell division.



I'st stage of (karyokinesis ) in cell division,

Viscosity of cytoplasm increases.

The indistinct and interind DNA condense to form elongated chromosomes.

The chromatin disappears and chromosome fibres get shortened and thickened.

Spindle fibres appears (awards the poles from the centriole connected in animals with astral rays and in plants without asters

Nucleolus degenerate completely.

Cell organelles such as ER, Golgi complex disorganise, and difference between cytoplasm and nucleoplasm disappears.

Last stage of karyokinesis in cell division.

Viscosity of cytoplasm decreses,

Chromosome groups reorganise themselves into nuclei.

Chromosomes elongate and overlap each other to form chromatin.

Spindle fibres disappear around the poles. Astral rays also disappear in plants.

Nuclear envelope appears and two daughter nuclei are formed at the poles.

Cell organelles, i.e, ER and Golgi complex are reformed in the cell. Nucleoplasm also appears in the chromatin area. Making it distinct from rest of cytoplasmic area.