Select an appropriate chemical bond among ester bond, glycosidic bond, peptide bond and hydrogen bond and write against each of the following.

1.  Polysaccharide

2.  Protein

3.  Fat

4.  Water


(a) Polysaccharide is linked by glycosidic bond. Glycosidic bond is a type of covalent bond joining simple or units carbohydrate molecules together to form a long chain polysaccharide.
(b) Protein are linked by peptide bonds. Peptide bond is a covalent chemical bong formed between two amino acids when the carboxyl group of one reacts with the aming group of other causing release of water molecule. Hence, called as dehydration synthesis reaction (condensation reaction).
Peptide bonds between a chain of aminoacids results in the formation of protein.
(c) Ester bonds are formed by the reaction between carboxyl group of fatty acid ang hydroxyl group of triglycerols to form fat. Water is eliminated during this reaction.
(d) Hydrogen bond is electrovalent interaction between polar molecules in which hydrogen is bound to a highly electronegative atom, such as N, O, S, F, etc. Water is the best known example