14.9:What happens when D-glucose is treated with the following reagents?
(i) HI (ii) Bromine water (iii) HNO3

(i) When D-glucose is heated with HI for a long time, n-hexane is formed.
 CHO    |(CHOH)    Hl     CH3CH2 CH2CH2CH2CH2    |CH2OHD-gulcose

(ii) When D-glucose is treated with Br2 water, D- gluconic acid is produced.

CHO                            CHOOH   |                                  |(CHOH)4      Br2water    (CHOH)4     |                              CH2OHCH2OH                  D-gluconic acid

(iii) On being treated with HNO3, D-glucose get oxidised to give saccharic acid.

CHO                        COOH  |                            |(CHOH)4    HNO3   (CHOH)4   |                             |                       CH2OH                    CHOOHD-glucose               Sacharic acid