37. Stolon, offset and rhizome are different forms of stem modifications. How can these modified forms of stem be distinguished from each other?


Stem modifications Stem gets modified in different forms like stolon, offset and rhizomes These can be distinguished from each other in the following manner




The stem is a creeper.It is a long distance runner with longer and thicker internodes. Horizontal branches arise from the internodes, e.g., strawberry Colocaica.

It is like small a runnes of one internode long, but inter nodes are shorter and thicker branches arise all around the main stem usually found in rosette plants on water or ground surface. e.g., Eichhornia,Pistia.

These are stem which bear nodes and internodes,scaly leaves, axillary buds and roots arising from nodes e.g., Ginger, banana, turmeric. They are modified to store food in plants.