Write floral formula for a flower which is bisexual, actinomorphic sepals five, twisted aestivation, petals five valvate aestivation; stamens six, ovary tricarpellary, syncarpous, superior, trilocular with axile placentation.


Floral formula is a formula by which we can describe the flower by using some symbols.
The various symbols describing the above given conditions are as follows
(i) Bisexual 
(ii) Actinomorphic 
(iii) Sepals five K5
(iv) Twisted aestivation
(v) Petals five C5
(vi) Valvate aestivation
(vii) Stamens A6
(viii) Tricarpellary ovary G3
(ix) Syncarpus G(3)
(x) Trilocular 
(xi) Axile placentation 
(xii) Floral formula would be  KC5 A6 G(3)