Match the following columns.

Column I Column II
A. Aleurone layer i. Nutrition
B. Parthenocarpic fruit ii. Without fertilization
C. Ovule iii. Seed
D. Endosperm iv. Double fertilization


1. i ii iii iv
2. ii i iv iii
3. iv ii i iii
4. ii iv i iii
It is the correct sequence of the options in the two columns.
Aleurone layer surrounds the tissue of monocot seed and morphologically and biochemically distinct from seed. It is a proteinaceous layer (surrounding the endosperm and separating embryo) which provides nutrition and helps in germination .
Parthenocarpic fruit are seedless fruit which develops without the fertilisation of egg cell present in the ovule of the plants.
The ovule contains the female reproductive unit, i.e., embryo sac that develop into a seed after it is fertilised.
Endosperm is formed during the process of double fertilisation by the fusion of one male gamete with the two polar nuclei at the centre of the embryosac.