Rearrange the following zones as seen in the root in the vertical section and choose the correct option:

I. Root hair zone     

II. Zone of meristems   

III. Root cap zone    

IV. Zone of maturation   

V. Zone of elongation    


1. III, II, V, I, IV

2. I, II, III, IV, V

3. IV, V, I, III, II

4. V, IV, III, II, I

Root Cap Zone protective covering at the rool apex, secretes mucilage to soften the hard soil for the growth of root.
Zone of Meristem region of actively dividing densely packed cells resulting into root growth.
Zone of Elongation divided cells grow in size and elongate increasing the lenght of root. They cannot divide further.
Root Hair Zone root hair arises and grow in ihis region, helps in water and mineral absorption from the soil.
Zone of Maturation the cells of root at this region are fully differentiated and mature, performing different functions of root.
Page 67, XI NCERT