Q.4 ‘Peat’ is an important source of domestic fuel in several countries. How is ‘peat’ formed in nature?

Peat is an organic fuel consisting of spongy material formed by the partial decomposition of organic matter, primarily plant material in wetlands such as swamp ferns and mosses. The development of peat is favoured by warm, moist climatic conditions.
The main producers of peat Sphagnum most occurs in bogs. The accumulation of
Sphagnumplantin due course of time lead this plant to get hardened and change into peat.

Peat is used in preparation of ethyl alcohol, peat, tar, ammonia, paraffin, etc. Peat is also
used in covering the roots during transportation. This enormous value shown by peat for
man kind makes it as an important domestic fuel and economic source for man kind.