Make a list of algae and fungi that have commercial value as source of food, chemicals, medicines and fodder.

Some 70 species of marine algae are usedfor food, chemical and medicinal purpose,




Corollina-capable in curing worm infection

 Polysiphonia-Possess antibacterial property.


Carrageenan is an coagulant.




Sodium laminarin sulphate act as a anticoagulant.

Ascophyllum and Laminaria bears antibiotic properties.

Durvillea has vermifuge properties,

Antibiotics can be extracted from Chlorella and Caulerpa.

Phycolloids it includes agar, Carrageenin and funori,

 Alginic acid it is a phycacolloid obtained commercially from Laminaria, Macrocystis





Nerocystis, Fucus, Sargassum, etc,

It is used as saltsin obtaining emulsions (ice-creams, ointments, toothpasts, cosmetics, creams, etc)

Chlamydomonas, Chlorella, Scenedesmus play an important role in sewage oxidation.

porphyra (flower), Rhodymenia (pulse),

Chondrus (Trishmoss). Rhodymenia (sheep's weed)is also used as fodder

Laminaria, Alariam Macrocystis, Sargassum are used as food in many countries.

The edible brown algae are  used as fodder.

Ulva, Caulerpa, Enteromorpha, Chlorella can yield food rich in lipids, proteins, vitamins and minerals.


The role of fungi was established in early history yeast have been used in making of bread
and alcohol since, the beginning of cultivation the discovery of penicillin, that marked the
beginning of a new approachto microbial diseases in human health.
More recent approaches include the application of hydrophins to surfaces leading to
biocompatibility of implants and to emulsion formation improving drug delivery.

Products of fungi in medicine, chemical and food are




Penicillin (Penicillium notatum and P. chyrso genum), glyotoxin.

chitrinine (Trichoderma sp.) (Penicillium citrinine).


Baccatin-A (Gibberelia baccater)


Ergotine (Claviceps purpurea), clavicin forms(Aspergillus clouertus

22Flavin (A. flavous and A. fumigattes).

Aspergillus niger



Awentil and Mucorin

production of citric acid.


Aspergillus niger and P. purpurogenum in production  (gluconic acid).

P.glacum and A. gallomyces forms (gallic acid)

Fermentation-Aspergillus orgzae yeast-Saccharomyces roxit

Cheese production- by Penicillium comemberti and Penicillium roqueforti

Colour of foods - by Monoasus purpureus