Fungi are cosmopolitan, write the role of fungi in your daily life. Discuss the role of fungi, with respect to its economical importance to humans.

Role of Fungi
Fungi are cosmopolitan in occurrance being present in air, water, soil over and inside animals and plants. The branch of biology dealing with the study of fungi is known as Mycology.
(i) Few fungi are used as nutritious and delicious food. e.g., Agaricus compestris
(ii) Saprophytic fungilives upon dead organic matter and breaks complex substances into simple ones, that are absorbed by plants as nutrients.
(iii) Somefungilike Absioia, mucor and Rhizopus possess soil binding properties and make the soil good for cultivation.
(iv) They also provide pest resistence, e.g., Empusa, Ferinosa, etc.
(v) Yeast (Saccharomyces) has the property of fermentation, thus used in alcohol and dough preparation.