At a stage of their cycle, ascomycetes fungi produce the fruiting bodies like apothecium, perithecium or cleistothecium. How are these three types of fruiting bodies different from each other?
Discuss the type of fruiting bodies formed by ascomycetes fungus and differentiate accordingly on the basic of there structures.

Ascomycetes Consist of sporangial sac called ascus. -Asci (singular-ascus) may occur freely or get aggregated with dikaryotic mycelium to form the fruitification called ascocarps.
The fruitification formed by asciare like
(i) Apothecium is a cup like structure, e.g., Peziza.
  (ii) Perithecium flask shaped, e.g., Neurospora.
  (iii) Cleistothecium closed with a slit, e.g., Penicillium